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Wi-Fi connection method Wi-Fi connection method

It is operation method from Wi-Fi connection screen.
As connection method to Wi-Fi varies according to smartphone and tablet terminals
Please confirm in the terminal companies.

1 It becomes connection screen of Solaria Plaza Wi-Fi when we choose SOLARIAPLAZA_WIFI among Wi-Fi connection screen.
2 You can use Solaria Plaza Wi-Fi when you push "connection" button.

It is connected to smartphone site of Solaria Plaza when we have you push connection,
Afterwards, we can have you enjoy sites you like.

In addition, after the connection button pressing, connection is cut into two hours when it passes.
We can restart communication if we have you push down connection button again.

※The depths of store may be replaced by environment to connect to the net of the cause including 3G automatically partly in place that electric wave of Wi-Fi has weak. As you vary according to terminals, please be careful.

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