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Information about business (7/6 update)

Some stores become contracted business from the viewpoint of extended prevention the infection prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease temporary closure.
⇒ For more information:

※We may be changed without notice about business hours, closure period. Thank you for your understanding. We will tell at any time on homepage.

<< information about business of in-house facility >>
■TOHO cinemas Tenjin
We do business from Friday, May 22 and reopen
※For more details, please confirm theater homepage.

※Please confirm facility homepage about business reopening day of central wellness club-Tenjin Shrine soraria.

◆Request to customer
We perform crowd measures, contact measures in shop to have you enjoy shopping for relief, security, but, about the following contents, cooperation of customer, please.

・Please secure customers, distance.
・Please wear mask in hall.
・Please cooperate with finger disinfection, thermometry.
・As for customer with symptoms such as fever, the ill-conditioned customer, please refrain from admission.

I apologize to customers for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.

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