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Job Opportunities

It is list of job offers of the shop staff


<retorowashokorakorabochokoretoshoppusoraria shop> recruitment of part-time job part-time jobbers | retorowashokorakorabochokoretoshoppu

It is targeted for offer
Housewife, student, part-time jobber are OK from shift three times a week.

It recruits person who is available for duty, people who are available for shift duty between from 9:00 to 21:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Under part-time jobber, active adoption!

Non-experience is possible

Man and woman no object
As for person liking contacting people, the with the spirit of self-advancement including which suitsu such as, chocolate or cake which we want to give own skill to likes, there are qualifications in anyone.
Work contents
Chocolate and cake, waiting on customers sale of baked confectioneries

There are accessory services including product ordering and merchandise management.
Working hours
It is shift duty shift system between from 9:00 to 21:00
Internship that there is for hourly wage 900 yen internship (one month) is 850 yen
Uniform loan
To transportation expenses 500 yen a day
Application method
You call store and decide schedule of interview.
Selection method

We inform of the results within one week
Contact information
retorowashokorakorabochokoretoshoppusoraria shop


Charge: Rikimaru

In the case of the person in charge absence, we will contact later.

Recruitment of part-time job part staff | aruenueenurisosukompurekkusu duty-free shop (Tax-Free Shop)

It is targeted for offer
We are okay with sale inexperienced person.
※Person who is available for long-term duty is welcome.
Person loving clothes,
Person loving RNA N,
Cheerful person is welcome brightly!
Work contents
Apparel waiting on customers, sale, merchandise management
Working hours
9:30-21:30 (shift system 8H duty break 1~1.5H)
※Time, *nichiosodan
Part-time job part hourly wage 850 yen ... (three months term of trial)
We consider age, experience.
shainwarihikiyu is equipped with social insurance,
Transportation expenses supply (to 30,000 yen), shaintoseidoyu
Application method
At first, please contact charge Hirose casually
Selection method
We have an interview.
Contact information
092-733-7151 (charge Hirose)

Job Opportunities | Misty woman

It is targeted for offer
18 years or older, high school student impossibility
Work contents
Waiting on customers, duties management
Working hours
Weekdays 10:00-21:00
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:00-21:00
(shift system, actual work less than eight hours)

*Please consult about hope at the time of interview
Part-time job part hourly wage 900 yen ... (three months term of trial)
We consider age, experience.
Transportation expenses supply (to 50,000 yen a month)
There is raise in salary system
There is the staff discount
There is social insurance system
There is workmen's accident
There is regular staff appointment system
Application method
We would like web application, telephone application.

Selection method
We perform interview in Misty woman-Tenjin Shrine Solaria Plaza shop of work location.
Take resume with photograph at the time of interview.
Please note that you do not return resume.
Contact information

It is sales force offer inexperienced OK ☆[part-time job part] | guranifu

It is targeted for offer
◆Age no object
◆Part-time jobber, university student, housewife (housekeeping husband) welcome!
◆Inexperienced person welcome!
Work contents
◆Waiting on customers reception
◆Cash register
◆It is product inspection
◆Inventory control

We can acquire basics well using three months as an indication!
We learn while being taught by seniors by practice. Depending on perseverance, step-up is possible to manager, area manager, visual manager!
Working hours
10:00-21:00 (shift system)
It is possible from 3-4 days a week
Working hours, the duty days are osodan
Part, student hourly wage 850 yen
Full-time (five days a week, 8h a day) duty hourly wage 900 yen
◆Transportation expenses supply (regulations supply)
◆There is raise in salary
◆You like three pieces of T-shirts supply every month
Please choose T-shirt from the shop.
◆There is company percent system
◆There is employee appointment system
◆Equipped with social insurance
◆There is the courteous training
(we can learn from zero such as waiting on customers or product knowledge)
Application method
At first, please call casually☆
Selection method
I will inform application after the confirmation more later than adoption charge.
Contact information
guranifusorariapuraza shop

#602 CAFE&DINER cafe staff (hall kitchen) offers ♪ | Roch Maruni cafe & diner

It is targeted for offer
The part-time job staff
● Person who wants to do new challenge positively!
● Person who likes having you please with people!
● Person who is highly concerned with music and art, fashion!
● Person who wants to work lively in environment with vigor!
● Person who likes eating purely!
Educational background no object
Inexperienced person OK
High school student impossibility
Experienced person kind treatment
※We want to challenge that is new from the beginning that we want to make use of conventional experience and demand eager person!
Work contents
[kitchen] Training, cooking assistance, ordering duties etc.
☆Inexperienced OK
☆We can make menu suggestion that we matched in season positively!
As for waiting on customers, the serve of foods drink, it is hall all areas of our operation
(there are making, training of drink sweets, washing etc., too)
※We perform adoption that focused on brightness and high-spiritedness than experience!
Working hours
11:00-23:30 ※The last train consideration
※Three days a week - shift system, tsutomemujikanosodan
★Warm welcome that can work until ... 24:00!
Hourly wage 870 yen ...
※Inexperienced 820 yen ...
It is with supply, meal in transportation expenses regulations,
Clothes, hairstyle freedom, uniform grant
The staff discount (affiliated shop, concert discount)
Post allowance, shift system
Medical treatment at any time late-night raise in salary, existence for the employee up
Employee trip once a year, class, study session attendance in the company are possible
Equipped with social insurance
As for/consecutive 2-month duty, social insurance participation is important matter for 138 hours
[★ that there are the results of 40 ~60 name in the whole country in ★ year when there is regular staff appointment system]
Application method
Please apply over telephone.
As it is shift system, we can choose day when we want to work. At first, regardless of experience, without experience, please apply.
Contact information
SLD Entertainment Inc. 0570-010-078 (adoption center)
#602 CAFE&DINER Fukuoka Solaria Plaza shop is cafe & diner which assumed "living room" concept★
"House restaurant" surrounding table with service dishes of landlord and liquor as Living-ROOM CAFE is shop wound rioshiteimasu of theme.

We raise new STAFF. |

It is targeted for offer
☆Regular staff, part-time job☆

●Shop salesperson
●Web designer of our EC site

☆Regular staff
●Time person who can work full five times a week or more
18 years or older sex no object
☆Part-time job
●Time person who can work full two times a week or more, priority that can work on the weekend. Consultation required
18 years or older sex no object, housewife, student, inexperienced person are possible

Person who can speak foreign languages such as English, Chinese, Korean takes first priority.
Work contents
<work contents>

☆Shop salesperson
● Waiting on customers
● Product rearranging
● Merchandise management
● Stock rearranging
● Cleaning

☆Web designer of our EC site
● Product page making in WEB site
● Making such as op-ed page, banner
● Product shooting
● Delivery duties of product which you ordered by mail order
● Customer correspondence over email, telephone
● Cleaning
・Using Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator more than work experience one year of Web design
・More than XHTML, work experience one year of coding of CSS coding
※Inexperienced person impossibility
Regular staff salary salary 200,000 yen ... (after experience consideration, we treat well)
Part-time job salary hourly wage 850 yen ... (after experience consideration, we treat well)
There are three months in term of trial
We provide to transportation expenses up to 15,000 yen
Equipped with social insurance
Work location Fukuoka Head Office Solaria Plaza shop Kumamoto shop
Interview place Fukuoka Head Office Solaria Plaza shop Kumamoto shop
Selection method
You attach curriculum vitae including part-time job to application method resume (sha*) and, clearly stating self-PR and the desired type of job, have to the following address, or please mail. After the paper screening, we contact only person having an interview. In addition, please note that you do not do return of application.
Contact information
〒 810-0041 to UPTOWN adoption charge
1-1-2-2, Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
TEL 092-725-3333
E-MAIL info@uptown-deluxe.com
Or please mail to the following address.
〒810-0001 2-2-43-312, Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Solaria Plaza 3F
TEL 092-733-6667
〒The first floor of the 860-084 7-2, Kamitoricho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto Izumi Building A room
TEL 096-355-8833
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